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During a meeting in Branson, Missouri one of my favorite towns by the way, an entire family waited as I ministered to one person after another. If you have never been to one of our meetings or conferences, they can go on for hours as God's Holy Spirit fills the room with His presence. Most people don't realize how much time has passed. It is truly awesome. The longest single meeting lasted from 6PM Sunday evening to 5:30 AM Monday morning in Austin, Texas at Glory House with Pastor Mark Henderson. Anyway as this family was getting up to leave, I asked if they could please wait, the Holy Spirit was going to minister to them. They waited. As I ministered to the Horn family especially to Christy, about Paris France and the Eiffel tower and many other thing that were significant to her life, I then told them about an oil stock that was stolen, or misplaced many years ago that would miraculously turn up with an exceptional amount of money.

About a year passed by, and I got a call from my good friend Bruce Tomlin in Branson who had hosted this conference. He said that he had run into Christy who began to tell him an amazing account about the whole Paris situation and how an oil company had contacted them regarding their family inheritance of oil stock that had suddenly turned up unexplained and about a whole lot of money that was now theirs. Praise God.

I was hosting  prophet Michial Ratliff and his family at my home as we did a series of meetings at Word of Life Church in Wichita.   We have been friends for many years and we both lived in Colorado Springs at the same time. During this season many events were unfolding in his life. I had left the Church where we had the meetings and had just gotten home when the phone rang. It was David Dye who was on his way to the hospital with Michial who had clutched his chest and collapsed into David's car. I got to the emergency room only to find chaos and confusion outside the ER. Many people from church had followed them to the hospital. I looked over the scene and told everyone to leave or go to the waiting room. Michial was awake and in great pain. I asked how he felt. He was weak and whispered that he felt like his body was shrinking. I looked at the monitor and his pressure was 60 over 40 and falling. I knew he was dying. I told the nurse that somebody better do something, and she left the room to find out about the doctor. The Holy Spirit said now pray. I prayed a simple prayer. Lord this is my friend don't let him die. I rebuked death and commanded health to enter him fully and to live. The Holy Spirit then told me my friend will live and not die to stand firm and have faith in GOD. A great presence of God filled the room and great peace followed. I knew he was going to live. And he did live. His aorta had begun to unravel like a ribbon and he had some mini strokes. The doctor said it is very unusual for recovery after such destruction to the heart. But after surgery and isolation he recovered fully to continue his ministry. I am very thankful for the gift of healing and for that wonderful doctor. Thank you Jesus.






At the end of a late meeting the Lord had me call out an extremely robust woman, Melanie Ware. This was at Pastor David LeRoy's River of Life Foursquare Church in Great Bend, Kansas. I love David and his family. The word to this precious woman covered many things but the Holy Spirit told her that if she wanted to loose weight He would help. If she lost one pound, He would make it two. If ten He would make it twenty. If 50 He would make it 100. One of the most unusual words given ever. Well a year later she had lost 135 pounds without dieting. I think the total weight she lost from that time on was 180 pounds. Her doctor thought that she was probably very sick because of the dramatic weight loss. It seems when she had gotten the word she weighed about 600 lbs.

God is good.











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